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Monday, November 2 2020
Strong winds this morning knocked out power yet again, and it remained off until a little after 10:30am. The change to standard time put a whole extra hour into my morning, and without power, I felt bored and out of sorts, since I should've been at work. At one point a strong wind blew a fat red-shouldered hawk into the yard, and she landed for a time in a syscamore I'd planted (now about 30 feet tall) near the driveway, and I was able to take some pictures through the shop window.
Later I gathered a smallish load of old fallen oak in the forest west of the Farm Road, since that seemed like a good use of my time without power.
This evening Powerful made spaghetti with meatballs, which is always a great meal. I ate a bit too much of it, though, it and it put my stomach out of sorts for the rest of the evening. I went to bed a little after 7:00pm, since I'd gotten up so early due to the change to standard time.

Today's red-shouldered hawk.

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