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   citalopram and caffeine
Tuesday, November 17 2020
Today was day four of my citalopram (celexa) experiment. Today I noticed it affecting my ability to consume caffeine. In the late afternoon, additional black tea made me feel dysphoric and unsettled. So I tried switching to kratom tea. But that made me feel anxious, even causing a way of anxiety I would characterize as a low-level panic attack.
After work, I went to a staging pile west of the Farm Road and processed and brought home a backpack load of firewood, some of which needed to be split before I could bring it inside. We were headed into genuinely cold, late-November weather, and I wanted to be prepared. A few flakes of snow were falling as I finished up.
I then turned my attention to the plumbing connecting the new hot and cold taps together on the upstairs tub. The goal was to make this plumbing level, something that some careful measurements indicated would require lengthening one of the vertical pipes 3/32ths of an inch. But when I tried to do this, the wrong joint in the assemblage let go before the one I was targeting, and it was all I could do to get that back into proper position. Meanwhile, one of the two pieces of quarter-inch brass pipe that attaches one end of the assemblage to one of the faucets had pulled loose, and I realized I could just replace it with a longer piece of quarter-inch brass to achieve what I needed. After I had that all the way I wanted it, I put it back in the electroplating bath, as the failed desoldering had ruined the zinc finish.
Meanwhile Powerful had gone out to get Chinese food. His usual place in Uptown was closed, so he went to Super Bowl Cuisine in the Kingston Plaza instead. That was the super-authentic place Gretchen and I went to a couple weeks before the coronavirus pandemic arrived. The food was so greasy that Gretchen (who'd been in videoconferences all evening) only ate a tiny bit, though I thought it was fine. It just needed a little more salt.

A diagram I made by tracing the out-of-level plumbing and a line made with so as to determine how much distance I needed to add to the combinatinatory plumbing in order to make it level.

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