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   rape in the 1970s
Saturday, November 28 2020
Today was essentially our third Saturday in a row, though on this occasion it actually was a Saturday. The morning and early afternoon played out much like yesterday and the day before, though I started the day with a bagel that I was surprised to find not covered with mold. The panagram for the New York Times Spelling Bee was "meatloaf" with "f" middle, which made for a fairly dreary game.
In the late afternoon, I took the dogs with me to Lowes, where I bought a small trash can, some olive-green spray paint, and a few other things. This was mostly to get the outdoor WiFi router on the greenhouse working again. I also checked out well pressure tanks, since I'm pretty sure the rubber diaphram in ours has failed. But then I didn't know if I should get the one with the inch or the one with the inch and a quarter connection.
There used to be an arts & crafts store near the Lowes called Michæls, but that's become an Ollie's discount store. I was in need of acrylic paint and perhaps some new brushes, so I tried going to Joann Fabrics & Crafts next door to the Staples (across 9W from Lowes & Walmart). The last time I'd been in there, it was to get some sewing supplies, and that's really what it's all about. It's a dingy run-down place, and the demographic it caters to is largely elderly women, though there were some women younger than me. I walked all around the store to see what things they stocked. After being briefly mesmorized by the quilting rulers and templates (which looked like they might also be helpful when doing carpentry), I eventually found my way back to the stretched canvases. Interestingly, though, the only actual paint they sold was intended for use on non-canvas fabric and consisted mostly of garish pinks and orange. I left the store empty-handed.

Back at the house, I took a bath, something I do no more than every other day. [REDACTED]

Meanwhile Gretchen had fabricated linguine from leftover pasta dough Powerful had made for his online cooking class. Gretchen and I watched Jeopardy! and then the second episode of the HBO documentary series I'll Be Gone in the Dark. Something that blew both of our minds was how minor of a charge rape had been during the 1970s, when a man could expect to spend only a month in jail if convicted. This no doubt contributed to the wave of serial rapists, of which the East Area Rapist was but one. There was also someone called "the Stinky Rapist" who had foul body odor and breath.

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