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Wednesday, November 18 2020
It was miserably cold this morning on my walk down to the brownhouse. That's something I generally do every at least once a day even on days when I have no other reason to go outside. I spent most of the workday in meetings. Most people in the company are good about getting into a meeting and then getting out, but not this one guy. Every time I talk to him, I find myself in a conversational vortex.
At some point I installed the combinatinatory plumbing back on the tub's faucet plumbing, and at the end of the workday I took a bath. It looked so much better now that it was level, and this made my bath noticeably more enjoyable than my last bath had been (though some of that might've been an effect of the citalopram, which helps, among other things, to dissipate obsessive compulsions). If one were to draw a straight line connecting the centers of the hot water and cold water faucet handles, that line would've been as unlevel as the combinatory plumbing had been. The difference, though, was that the X-shape of the handles and lack of line directly connecting their centers made it hard to notice this imperfection.


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