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Friday, November 27 2020
Since both of us had the day off, Gretchen and I treated the day like yet another Saturday. Immediately after getting up, I started up a fire in the woodstove and made Gretchen a french press of decaf. The panagram for the New York Times Spelling Bee was "enveloped," which Gretchen and I saw immediately, and periodically throughout the late morning and afternoon we'd glance up from our reading or crossword puzzles at the seven letters on a sketchpad in hopes of finding more words. Periodically we'd graze from the Thanksgiving leftovers; I'd started the day with a piece of pumpkin pie followed by cherry pie. It was well into the afternoon by the time Gretchen walked the dogs, which she did at the abandoned bluestone quarry so as to avoid deer hunters.
I was avoiding caffeine again today, drinking kratom tea instead and then eventually moving on to booze, since they make for a good combination when suffering from caffeine withdrawal.
I was unusually lazy today, though I managed to do two things: I finished processing all the wood in front of the garage and then I painted in a sky behind the elephant painting I've been working on for Gretchen's new book.

This evening Gretchen and I watched the first episode of the HBO documentary series I'll Be Gone in the Dark, about one woman's obsessive interest in the unsolved Golden State Killer. Gretchen had suggested watching the series, because she knows I like true crime, and she likes mystery.


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