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Saturday, November 21 2020 [REDACTED]
Gretchen intially had plans to make pancakes, but then I said I wanted waffles, the kind that could go savory. So she ended up making buckwheat waffles with tempeh gravy. That's totally my kind of breakfast. I'd been skipping caffeine for the last two Saturdays, but today I drank a french press of real coffee, and it was delicious.
The panagram for the New York Times Spelling Bee was "jawbone," with "a" in the middle. Gretchen saw the panagram right away, and it was a low-scoring game given the combination of letters.
After dark at some point, I went just across the road to where a dead white ash had recently fallen. I'd already gathered the smaller pieces cut up by the highway department, but there was a long piece of trunk that needed more processing. I used my chainsaw to cut that up into pieces small enough to drag home. It's good dry wood and will do much to help me fill out the indoor firewood supply.
This evening Gretchen and I finished watching Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult, which really turned out to be great true crime television. It makes The Vow look amateurish by comparison. Our watching was interrupted by dinner; Powerful had made a corn & tempeh stew and a pot of rice, which ended up being pretty good.

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