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   November 2020

01: stunned junco - Poor little guy knocks himself out trying to evade the cats. Also, I witness a Trump parade on 9W near the Home Depot.
02: fat red-shouldered hawk - A strong wind brings a plump raptor.
03: election 2020 - Voting in a global pandemic and then wating for the results.
04: results of 2020 election, day one - A bad hangover and my worst fears slowly unrealized.
05: results of 2020 election, day two - Biden is on a path to victory, but otherwise it was a slow-news day.
06: results of 2020 election, day three - A walk in the woods to get away from page-refresh purgatory.
07: Donald Trump loses - The day becomes festive starting in the late afternoon.
08: various obscene takes on Ding Dong the Witch is Dead - Despite a second-day absence of caffeine, I accomplish a few things.
09: Doris Burn memories - Seeing the pictures that influenced at least part of my life.
10: Sharpie fish - I augment acrylic paint with the famous felt-tipped pen.
11: trouble at the childhood home - My aunt Barbara calls me with concerns about my mother.
12: reverted to fonder memories - Supposedly my mother, in her dementia, no longer thinks she and I are estranged.
13: falafel and the Vow - Yummy carry-out combined with a documentary of a multilevel sexual abuse racket.
14: sidewalk lupper in New Paltz - The pandemic's lingering into cold weather makes eating out less comfortable than it had been.
15: unwanted diphenhydramine - My acetaminophen turns out to be a nighttime cocktail containing something to make me sleep.
16: finished tub filler - But it's not quite level.
17: citalopram and caffeine - The former makes me less able to drink the latter.
18: much better level - Satisfying my OCD in the bathtub. Or maybe it's just the citalopram talking.
19: tall tales in Staunton - She had a hallucination that had me and Gretchen and others with boxes on our heads.
20: things in Staunton approaching critical - It's just a matter of time before I will have to return to Virginia. Also eating take-out pizza and watching another NXIVM documentary.
21: white ash for the indoor firewood supply - This time it's from just across Dug Hill Road.
22: most expensive car battery - Also, going with Powerful to an estate sale northwest of Albany Avenue.
23: screaming poverty - A vexing electrical problem at one of the rental houses.
24: wire routing and plaster walls - It's brutal, but possible.
25: Thanksgiving eve in a pandemic - Somehow my boss makes me do work.
26: Thanksgiving 2020 - Lots of brown food, three people and a late guest, and a coyote.
27: two pies for breakfast - Spending Friday like an extended Saturday, sitting in front of a fire and grazing on leftovers.
28: rape in the 1970s - Also, the meagre art supplies at a Joann Fabrics & Crafts
29: late November fire pit - Neville nips a neighbor, but otherwise we have a successful outdoor cold-weather experience.
30: torrential November rains - Some progress finding help for my mother. And flooding is no longer so bad on the rare occasions it happens in the basement.