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Sunday, January 3 2021
I rarely consume marijuana, though yesterday I'd eaten a nugget of it in the evening. This contributed to a mild (though interesting) experience before bedtime and later it affected my dreams. I woke up after a vivid dream that had me trying to experience the whole range of human experiences, some of which were more pleasant than others. In one segment of the dream, I was standing on a sort of bas-relief comprised of sloped ramps instead of sculptural representations. Gretchen was also on this structure, and she had a man trapped in cul du sac. This man had been established as a horrible human in an earlier part of the dream, so I should've been rooting for Gretchen and not the man. But instead I told Gretchen that she should back off and let the man go. In other scenes in this same dream, there were a number of attractive women, all of whom acted as though I didn't exist.

Another winter storm was coming, so late this morning I made a special effort to salvage firewood. Using the handtruck, I brought home three large pieces of red oak from just a little west of the Farm Road. Each piece was about ten inches thick and about the same length as the handtruck's frame (that is, four or five feet). That produced a lot of wood, though I wanted more. So I salvaged more of the sugar maple mentioned yesterday, concentrating on the driest pieces. Then I set out with the small GreenWorks electric chainsaw and went on a wider-ranging salvaging run west of the Farm Road, putting together a backpack load of small pieces that would've been dry had there not been snow falling by then.

This evening before Gretchen got home, there was no activity from Powerful in the kitchen, so I decided it must be my turn to cook dinner, something I now try to do once each week. I browned some tempeh, added onions, and brought a big pot of water to boil. Gretchen got home before I'd added the pasta, so she picked a different spaghetti from the one I had in mind. She also wanted broccoli, so I cut up head and added the pieces to the pasta when it was about half cooked. With some red sauce from a jar, it made for a delicious meal that Gretchen and I devoured in front of Jeopardy!. We're running a couple weeks behind and are only just getting to Alex Trebek's last episode. Powerful had been napping at dinner time, so he ate his spaghetti & red sauce a little later.

A gentle snow fell this afternoon, and just before sunset (hidden behind clouds, trees, and hills) I went to the stone wall south of Chamomile and took some pictures.

The cairn north of the Chamomile. The wall is visible to the south as a grey line in the forest on the left, about a third of the way from the top. Click to enlarge.

The wall, viewed from the east. Click to enlarge.

The wall, viewed from the south. Click to enlarge.

The wall, viewed from the southwest. Click to enlarge.

The wall, viewed from the west. Click to enlarge.

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