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Thursday, January 14 2021
I awoke to a hangover of medium severity. I took some ibuprofen and was mostly okay for the workday, and if anything the hangover helped me focus on a particularly dull documentation task, one that involved taking screengrabs on a computer reached via Remote Desktop. Meanwhile, I was amazed at the difficulty our server maintenance guy was encountering as he installed an SSL certificate on the server that will host the app the Ukranian team has been building. Sadly, I'll never get back the hours I spent with him in audio chats as the Windows Server GUI thwarted his every effort. Doing the same thing on a Linux server requires just a few command-line incantations (all easily found at and takes maybe five minutes.
Meanwhile Gretchen, Powerful, and the dogs all drove across the Hudson to hang out with falafel Cathy in Rhinebeck. I looked forward to their return all afternoon, because I knew they'd be bringing me a falafel sandwich with extra peppers in it.
One of the surest cures for a hangover is a nice hot bath, and that was what I took immediately after the conclusion of my workday.

As all that was going on, down in Virginia by mother Hoagie turned 84 today.

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