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Monday, January 4 2021
The big news last night and today was Donald Trump's phone call to Georgia's Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in which Trump tried to bully Raffensperger into "finding" about 12,000 more Trump votes so that Trump could claim he'd won Georgia, perhaps as an attempt to build a snowball of momentum against the inevitability of a Joe Biden presidency (at which point Trump will be available for prosecution for his many crimes). Because Trump is such a dumbass, he lied about the nature of the call, at which point Raffensperger (or someone connected to him) leaked a recording of the call. It's surprisingly entertaining material, and I listened to it as I gathered a backpack load of downed red maple just south of the Chamomile today. In the call, Trump comes off as a combination of a B-movie mafia boss and a spoiled three-year old. The toxic entitlement on display will entertain people for years to come. How embarrassing it must be for that man to be your choice of hero!
Perhaps due to Raffensperger's deceitfulness, five or six chunks of maple fell out of my backpack as I rose to my feet with it on my back, and I couldn't be bothered to rebuild the load. So I just grabbed one of the pieces and walked home with only three or four pieces in the pack.

I'd drunk caffeine today for the first time since Friday, and today was also the day that I take no sleep aids. Perhaps this combination, combined with unsettled thoughts, made it impossible to fall asleep tonight. I lay there and waited and the sleep never came. I got up and moved out to the couch at around midnight and lay there for three hours, and nothing happened. Eventually I got up and did some work, trying to benefit from the fact that it was early in the day for the Ukranian outsourcing team I work with. And then I went back to out to the couch and tried sleeping again. Diane the Cat wanted to snuggle with me there, but I felt it was going to cramp my legs, so I moved back to the bedroom (and Diane followed me). And only then did I fall asleep. But by then it was only a few hours before my workday would be beginning.

After last night's snow, there was a thin layer of white on everything this morning.

The woodshed as it looked thsis morning. Click to enlarge.

Gretchen's screened-in porch on the east side of the house. Click to enlarge.

View towards the east from the house. It reminds me of a painting by Charles Burchfield. Click to enlarge.

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