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   Tuesday flu
Tuesday, January 26 2021
Snow was predicted for today, so this morning I made a few forays to my firewood staging areas at the bottom of the slope south of the woodshed to grab individual pieces of white ash and sugar maple. On one such foray, I noticed a barred own landing on the branch of white pine along the Stick Trail. So fetched my camera on the chance that he or she would be there when I returned. Sure enough, the owl was still there, so I managed to take a picture. The snow had just started falling, and you can see traces of falling flakes in the background of this picture (as well as a few flakes on the owl's head).

Click to enlarge.

At around 1:30pm, I drank some kratom tea, which had recently worked well with my chemistry. But that was when I was also under the effects of citalopram. Since weaning myself from that, though, drinking kratom tea has mostly just made me feel kind of ill. That definitely happened today. It came as a kind of mild dysphoria, coupled with an upset stomach. So then I thought I might compensate by drinking kava tea, but all that did was make me want to climb into bed, which I did not long after 4:00pm. I mostly recovered from this, though the evening ended up being mostly a write-off.
I think one of the underlying problems I was dealing with was something I might refer to as "the Tuesday Flu." I almost always deny myself all intoxicants, including diphenhydramine, on Mondays. This often makes the quality of my sleep leading into Tuesday less than ideal (since I take diphenhydramine as a sleep aid). But the other effect of diphenhydramine is to counteract histamines, and, given that my body has probably become dependent on the suppression of histamines via diphenhydramine, on Tuesdays I tend to feel more than usual as if I am suffering from allergies (a feeling that can resemble the onset of the common cold).

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