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Wednesday, January 13 2021
Back when I was experimentally taking citalopram, I avoided recreational pseudoephedrine, as I've known it to react badly with other drugs (particularly pot and kratom). But now that I'm off citalopram, I thought I could take pseudoephedrine again. I decided to start small, with a four-pill 120 mg dose. This gave me a near-euphoric buzz that was also helpful in giving me the mental focus to deal with a vexing software issue. (I'm coming to the conclusion that there is no drug that can make me more effective at documention and the other tedious non-programming tasks that my job is so full of these days.)
Later I switched to alcohol, mostly in the form of high-proof Grave's Grain Alcohol added to orange juice. That stuff sneaks up on you, and by the time Gretchen saw me this evening, she could tell I was drunk. From there I don't really have good memories of the evening; instead I have little detached scenes. I sat down to a chickpea, tempeh & rice meal made by Powerful (I'm pretty sure he found a way to put olives in it). And then Gretchen and I watched Jeopardy!. One of the questions was "What ocean is named after the Greek word for 'bear.'?" Nobody had the answer except me: "Arctic." At some point I added a log to the fire and it was too long, so I went and got the small chainsaw and cut it right there in the stove as Gretchen looked on in horror at my drunken aplomb.
At some point while I was in this fugue state, President Donald J. Trump was impeached a second time.

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