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   Virgina has come a long way
Friday, January 15 2021
We had a tax department meeting in the remote workplace at the end of the day, and there was brief discussion about whether or not we get Martin Luther King Jr. Day off. Jason is the only one who ever knows the answer to questions about company holidays, and it turned out that we do have that day off. I mentioned that down in the South, at least in Virginia, it's common for the state to have Lee-Jackson Day on MLK Day just so the racists will have something meaningful for them when they take the day off. Rich, the meeting organizer, was shocked to hear this, but I insisted it was true, at least in the old Virginia. "But Virginia has come a long way since then," I added. [It turns out that for the first time in over 100 years, Virginia won't be celebrating Lee-Jackson Day this year.]

This evening Gretchen had a holy jihad to remove old things and partial containers of food from the refrigerator. She managed to make a meal of much of that stuff, though some of it was better than others. The canned corn was salt-free, which is always a problem (it's hard to remember to look for that on the can when buying it) and the kale was kind of yellow.

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