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   straightening my legs from a crouched position
Monday, January 25 2021 [REDACTED]

During a lull in the afternoon, I gathered a single heavy load of white ash from one of my staging areas a couple hundred feet south of the woodshed. The pack was so heavy that as I rose to my feet, I barely had the necessary strength to begin straightening my legs from a crouched position.
I hadn't bathed in the better part of a week, and today the latest issue of Nuts & Volts had arrived, so I ended the workday in the bathtub, reading mostly about software-defined radio (SDR).
This evening, Gretchen and I made a meal of leftovers. I feasted on the remains of Friday night's Chinese food, while Gretchen went more Italian, eating pici and leftover standing-rigatoni noodle bake.
I was in bed watching YouTube videos before 8:00pm.

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