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Sunday, January 24 2021
I needed some supplies, mostly booze, so early this afternoon I drove with the dogs to the Kingston Plaza in Uptown. As I passed the bus turnaround, I saw a bunch of gun nuts shooting weapons in the miserable cold, and to make them that much more miserable, I leaned on my horn and kept it going for a good 20 seconds, a sound that must've filled the gorge. [REDACTED]

The other day I realized that I hadn't listened to any classic Guided By Voices in awhile, so I made a playlist that started with the pre-classic "Trampoline" (whose incredible line, "A drop of precious oil in the all-gone machine" is one of my favorite in all of music lyrics) and then played every song on the 1996 album Under the Bushes Under the Stars. That album's mood is, to me, very autumnal, and I didn't want to make it to spring without having listened to it. This afternoon this inevitably led me down a YouTube rabbit hole, culminating in me watching Bob Pollard performing "Tractor Rape Chain" as tears streamed down my cheeks. That's such a great song, but so too is "Fair Touching," from GBV's less memorable album Isolation Drills.

This evening I made a pot of chili complete with mushrooms and specially-prepared tempeh. The three of us ate it in the dining room family-style, which we haven't been doing much lately.

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