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Monday, December 6 2021

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

Yesterday I'd somehow made the mistake of leaving my work-issued laptop at the cabin, meaning I had to get by today on other computers. Fortunately I'd committed frontend code to a git repository just before leaving on Friday, but I'd failed to do that with the backend code. This forced me to recreate some necessary changes to backend C# code from memory, something that took surprisingly little time. I spent much more time fighting with Chrome and SSL certificates trying to get the frontend to not think it was being defrauded by Russian hackers faking the backend, a completely unnecessary ordeal that had me literally screaming at my computer. I never did figure out a real solution, though serving from https://localhost:4200 instead of https://wolverine:4200 made it so I could actually get work done (instead of being repeatedly told "You cannot visit wolverine right now because the website uses HSTS.").
I actually got enough code working to demonstrate an entirely new feature, one that combined data objects from two different Angular NgRx facades, something that was only possible with heavy reliance on subscriber methods populating object properties that were then processed by ngAfterContentInit(), an Angular lifecycle hook I probably make entirely too much use of. But it's the most satisfaction I've gotten from this complex web app I've been cursed with for nearly two years. As a bonus, node compilation times of the frontend TypeScript are now down to about 25 seconds. Similar compiles had been taking as long as three minutes on the work-issued laptop.
I felt increasingly malaise throughout the day, probably due to the booze consumption I'd done last night (though it hadn't been all that much). So at a little after 4:00pm I took a nice hot bath.
While I was in there, Natalie came over to hang out with Gretchen and Powerful, and Gretchen, who'd just gotten home from work, made a fairly elaborate dinner of vegan ravioli, roasted cauliflower, and a salad that was rich in some sort of purple-stemmed green. Dinner was delayed briefly by Gretchen opening up five or six boxes containing framed prints of whimsical Gustav-Klimt-inspired wildlife paintings (by the artist Eli Halpin) she'd ordered for the cabin. Then Natalie, Gretchen, and I all went upstairs to watch Jeopardy!. We're now twelve victories into a remarkable winning streak by Amy Schneider, a very likeable trans woman. We're usually sick of champions after this much winning, but not Schneider.

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