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   December 2021

01: installing damaged flooring and eating peanut stew - Natalie comes over and we eat the stew in front of the television.
02: Munchausen-by-celebrity - The appalling narcissism and ignorance of YouTube influencers.
03: without being enveloped by a fireball - After trudging through the snow to our cabin, we discover the oven had been leaking a small amount of gas for the last week.
04: Nate the snowplow guy - We decide to pay him to plow our driveway all season.
05: attactive-looking firewood for the cabin - Also, buying a toilet for the upstairs bathroom.
06: heavy reliance on subscriber methods - It's the most satisfaction I've gotten from this complex web app I've been cursed with for nearly two years.
07: liking a Subaru in Tillson - It looks like we have a replacement for our old dying Subaru Legacy Outback.
08: one last heist - An unplanned mid-week visit to the Adirondack cabin.
09: junk drawer on wheels - Unloading the old Subaru before trading it in.
10: Spicy Mint - We discover a great Indian restaurant in an Albany strip mall near a strip-mall college.
11: a moment of nice weather - If you don't take adavantage of it as it is happening, you'll miss the whole thing.
12: scraps of Schluter Ditra - Underlayment in the upstairs bathroom at the cabin.
13: super ethnic pasta sauce - What we did when I made pasta when we were almost out of marinara sauce.
14: vaguely Australia-shaped - Another piece of bluestone for the cabin's walkways.
15: as well as ambien - It takes pseudoephedrine at the minimum to debug certain tax calculation algorithms.
16: two hours between Kingston and New Paltz - Just one bad traffic jam inserts two hours into a drive to Washington, DC.
17: a sapling-like milkweed in late December in Washington - I'm told they haven't had their frost yet.
18: Arlington Costco - My first experience in this particular retailer.
19: from Washington to the Adirondacks - Hauling furniture back to the cabin.
20: trying to work from the cabin - My boss is annoyed when I try to work remotely from the Adirondacks.
21: outsourced cleaning jihad - Gretchen blows $500 to have a deep-clean provided by professionals.
22: greeted by a snow squall - The weather was uneventful until I stopped at the Home Depot in Amsterdam.
23: dividing up the deer leg at the lake cabin - Also, the solar panels get installed but not turned on.
24: serious mask wearing at the Gloversville Walmart - Unexpectedly, this demographic appears to be taking the omicron variant seriously.
25: covidmas #2 - Our second Christmas with covid and Powerful.
26: just Neville and I go to the Adirondacks - For whatever reason, Ramona decides to stay home.
27: a sad chirp - The solar installtion people seem befuddled while a pathetic sound issues from the inverter.
28: a series of failures and mistakes - A bad VPN connection leads to me getting stuck in the snow and needing to call a manipulative tow truck company in Gloversville.
29: tire chains in New York - Are they legal? An Autozone employee says yes and thats why he doesn't stock them. But he's wrong.
30: should be good for twenty years - Expanding the media server's storage for the first time in nearly five years.
31: last day of 2021 - PEX fittings, exotic beers, and the last pizza from Little Anthony's in Albany.