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   just Neville and I go to the Adirondacks
Sunday, December 26 2021

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

We don't usually spend Sunday mornings at the house in Hurely, but this morning we did. And we treated it like a Saturday, complete with the New York Times Spelling Bee and coffee. Powerful was there and helped us find words, something he'd kind of dropped the ball on yesterday after our Christmas morning.
I soon decided I wanted to drive up to the cabin and, looking at the weather, it looked like I could even take the Chevy Bolt. I mentioned this to Gretchen and that I also wanted to bring some blue stone, and she suggested we go together to the big abandoned bluestone quarry nearby to look for pieces and also to walk the dogs.
There at the quarry, I found some good (if generally small pieces while Gretchen scouted out other pieces. She found a beautiful slab that, while thin, was too heavy even for me to move. And it was also too large for any vehicle we have. But it could be broken into smaller pieces, a prospect Gretchen characterized as "sad."
I drove back to the house while Gretchen and the dogs walked home through the forest. According to Gretchen, Neville came upon a delicious bone somewhere on the way, leading us to wonder if he'd be back before I left for the cabin. But he and Ramona returned a little before I was done packing the Bolt and ready to leave. As always, I beckoned the dogs to come with me. But this time Ramona, who was on the couch with Gretchen, didn't jump down and come with me. Neville did, if somewhat reluctantly. It seems they're tired of going to the cabin. In the end, Ramona decided not to come at all, so it was just Neville and me on a father-son drive to the Adirondacks.
The bluestone and twelve or thirteen boxes of floor tile came to a lot of cargo, and I was worried enough about whether the Bolt would have enough energy in its battery to get us there that I stopped at the Energize America charging station in Albany to add a little power. Happily, for whatever reason, electricity was free today. While waiting for the charging to happen, I went into Walmart and bought a pair of rubber boots for Gretchen (she'd told me to). She said a men's size six would be good, so that was what I got. They were only $15.
There had been no snowplowing since I'd last been at the cabin, and the tracks of the Prius were still visible in the snow. It had since rained on the snow and that rain had frozen, making everything treacherous and slippery. For whatever reason, though, the Bolt had no trouble getting to the cabin, though I was unsure how easy it would be to get up the steep hill one must first climb when leaving the cabin.
Normally when I get to the cabin in the evening, I do some sort of task, but I didn't really have it in me tonight. I drank some beer, dicked around on my work-issued laptop, and ate some cannabis, which didn't seem to have any effect. Perhaps this was because I ate it on a stomach full of leftover Chinese food.

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