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Wednesday, December 29 2021

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

It was good to be working today in the laboratory with an unmetered internet connection and a mostly-working VPN. I did some good work today and had frequent chats over Teams with my boss Alex.
Originally I'd though that there would be no weekly department meeting today, but then Alex said we were having one. At that meeting, Alex announced to everyone that he was feeling old and didn't want to fight the policial battles he sees brewing with the private equity overlords. For this reason, he said, he'd be announcing his retirement on Monday, January 3rd, and that it would be effective January 14th. I'd known he was feeling these things but didn't really see this coming. This, of course, had me feeling anxious. How could I possibly function in the company without him there to do all the annoying people stuff I don't like to do? Maybe I'll eventually get fired, but even that seems likely to drag out given the way management does things. And in the meantime I'll probably be miserable.

After work, I drove out to 9W to reclaim some container deposits at the Hannaford, get yet more gin from Miron Liquor, some PEX-friendly shutoff valves and additional mortar & grout from the Home Depot, and some tire chains for the Chevy Bolt from the Autozone. But when I asked the Autozone guy about tire chains, he said they were illegal in New York State and thus his store doesn't carry them. Evidently they do damage to roadways. But if I'd had chains for the Bolt, I could've climbed that hill that had expensively thwarted me yesterday. I would've put them on at the bottom of the hill and taken them off at the top, all on land that I hold the title to. That would've been a completely New-York-legal deployment. Of course, auto parts places not selling chains is not going to keep me from getting my hands on them. I was easily able to buy a $120 set online back at the house. (Hopefully women wishing to have abortions in Texas will soon be able to do something similar when they need abortion pills.) [Later research would indicate that the Autozone employee's knowledge of tire chain laws is inaccurate.]

Meanwhile, after work Gretchen had driven directly from Woodstock to the cabin so she'd be there tomorrow morning for a furniture delivery. When she arrived at the cabin, she naively assumed that the new solar stuff was working because some of the lights were operational. But those were just the lights with built-in batteries. When I had he check things in the basement, she found the big whole-house battery down to just a 5% charge. And when she tried to charge it with the generator, no charge seemed to be accumulating in it. Clearly the chuckleheaded solar installation guys were going to have to come out yet again.

I usually eat cannabis to get "high" from it. Tonight, though, I put some in a pipe and took a drag that had me coughing and miserable in a way that always precedes a powerful psychoactive effect. I was so sure it was coming that I preemptively climbed into bed. But the effects never came. It seems that this summer I managed to grow some beautiful-looking pot that has no actual THC. It's tastes and smells like good pot, but is to pot as O'Doul's is to beer.
At some point this evening Powerful ordered us both Impossible Whoppers and fries from Burger King via some delivery service like DoorDash. He ordered the burgers with two patties each, which made for a considerably more substantial sandwich than the usual one-patty Whoppers, the only kind I knew about until now. Apparently Powerful's appetite is back, baby. I have my doubts he'll be able to hold off the 60 pounds he lost in the hospital.

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