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Tuesday, December 14 2021
This afternoon I took a little break from my computer and went off to do some grunt work, in this case retrieving a slab of bluestone from a tiny abandoned bluestone mine a couple hundred feet east of the south end of the Farm Road. It was vaguely Australia-shaped (as many pieces of bluestone are) and was an inch and a half thick, had a long dimension of 48 inches, and a short dimension of 30.5 inches, giving it an overall size of about eight square feet and a weight of about 160 pounds. I'd already rolled it like an awkward wheel some distance towards the Farm Road, and this afternoon I was able to roll it the rest of the way. At one point it flopped over on my foot, which inflicted surprisingly little damage. Later I came back in the Prius and drove it home. It will be taking a two-hour ride next time we drive to the cabin.

Meanwhile Gretchen had driven down to Goshen to have lunch with a new journalist friend who works for a news organization that is, it turns out, a propaganda arm of the Russian government. While she was down there, she visited Thank Goodness It's Vegan, a Black-owned vegan comfort food restaurant, and bought a whole bunch of food, including a big basket of something that tasted like deep-fried calamari. It was really good, but I ate way too much of it. Fortunately, though, I managed to stop before eating the whole thing.
Gretchen hadn't had a chance to play the New York Times Spelling Bee all day, and when she finally looked at it in the aftermath of what I'd managed to do (the panagram was "applejack" with "c" in the middle), she could only find one word: "calla." But then we looked at it together, sure that we only needed another word to achieve queen bee, and suddenly Gretchen had an epiphany. Then she typed in "palace" and hit ENTER. There was a pregnant pause and then the page declared us queen bee. We immediately started jumping up and down and screaming, as it was the first time we'd ever gotten to that status while in the same room looking at the same screen.

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