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Monday, December 13 2021

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

This afternoon my boss Alex gave a demonstration of the web app we've been building for the past two years to the higher-ups in the private equity conglomerate that our company is merely a part of. They hadn't shown much interest in our app, and we've been acting as if we're soon going to be laid off (which is very much something a private equity conglomerate would do). But maybe this demonstration would spark their interest. After the demonstration and we all clicked out of the Teams session, Alex called me to bemoan how terrible he'd been. I did my best to assure him that he'd been great even though silently I agreed that his presentation had been a bit scattered and low-energy. But the fact of the matter is that we work in a very boring sector of software development, and it's hard to get anyone excited about tax software. These guys sit through tedious presentations of sleep-inducing software all day, and to the extent Alex is a funny and compelling human being, his presentation was likely one of the better ones they'd seen. That being said, we're probably both going to get fired some time in early January after I will have spent a third of a decade with this company.

This evening I made pasta with a side of fried tofu and onions. In case Powerful would be eating it, I used wholewheat pasta and did my frying in a cast iron pan (since Powerful is now reportedly anemic, and some of that iron supposedly gets into the food). But then it turned out that we only had a little marinara sauce. So Gretchen made a cream sauce for herself and I used leftover Indian curries and soups as my sauce (it wasn't bad). Powerful did join us for dinner, and he was the only one who got any red sauce.

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