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Wednesday, May 4 2022
At noon I drove out to Barnyard Feeds in the rain to get vegan dog food, as we'd unexpectedly run out. There were two customers in there talking to the big Hodor-style employee ("the lurch") today, and none of them were wearing masks, which made perfect sense when I heard one of the customers grousing about Joe Biden, to which the lurch mumbled his (likely uninformed) approval. But I wasn't wearing a mask either. I noticed for the first time that Barnyard has a new, younger cat hanging out on the counter, and I asked the lurch what had happened to the old cat. He told me she'd died three years ago. Since I only go into Barnyard maybe twice a year, I suppose it would've been easy to miss this new cat for that amount of time.
Next I went to the Tibetan Center thrift store, where, our of concern for that one cashier who was coughing last time I was there, I did wear my mask. She was there again today and not coughing much or at all. I found a few things to buy: a small food processor for the cabin, a little piece of steel shelving, and a Swiss-style multi-blade knife built mostly around a pair of needle-nosed pliers, with the blades folding into the two handles (you can never have too many multi-function tools).
Gretchen went to dinner with Kate tonight, meaning I didn't follow my usual Wednesday pattern of making dinner. Meanwhile, Powerful has suddenly been stricken with some sort of illness that might possibly be covid. So he's been keeping to the basement while I keep mostly to the laboratory. I'd taken 150 milligrams of pseudoephedrine this morning, which made it possible to power through some tricky Azure DevOps pipeline development (and the terrible documentation available about it), so that meant I was drinking a little extra this evening. I also took 150 milligrams of diphenhydramine at some point, which made me fall asleep in the laboratory bean bag while watching anti-MLM content on YouTube. I awoke to Gretchen standing over me freaking out that Powerful probably does have covid. He'd gone in for a test and someone had try to call him with his results, a call he'd missed. You only get a call when your results are positive.

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