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Wednesday, May 18 2022
At noon today I drove out to the abandoned quarry and gathered some chunks of mostly long-exposed bluestone from behind some small white pines at the quarry's north end, in an area that has mainly been forgotten about due to concealment provided by the pines. I prefer long-exposed bluestone to the stuff that comes out of recently rockfalls, since it's less likely to immediately crumble when exposed to moisture or frost. It also has attractive surface weathering and even growths of lichens.
Meanwhile, because I'd brought the lawnmower's battery back from the cabin after using it over the winter to power the big chainsaw, today Powerful could finally mow our lawn. This was probably the latest first mowing of our lawn ever, and he said it wasn't easy.
Towards the end of my workday, I used my welding equipment to weld an attachment to a steel plate that will allow an arm to attach to that plate with a hinging motion. This was so that I could use such an arm as a level to lift something heavy up from the stair box I built yesterday. Gretchen asked what I was working on, and when I explained that I was building something that might allow me to get the hot water heater out of the basement all by myself, she was horrified. She wanted to know why I don't just call Ray or Sandor or whovever and also get Powerful involved. I explained that this is all great in theory, but the one time I tried to have friends come over to help me move something heavy (the woodstove we got back in 2010), none of our friends responded to to my email and I ended up doing it with the assistance of a random child whose mother had just wrecked their car in front of our house.
Due to nagging covid symptoms (all of which were like those of a mild head cold), Gretchen didn't work today. She spent most of it in bed or watching teevee. She and I were watching Shark Tank when Powerful suddenly announced he'd made "dinners." It was spaghetti with red sauce, which is always a welcome thing. But it contained large pieces of broccoli that had very high thermal mass relative to the other ingredients in the red sauce, and this led to scorched mouths by those attempting to eat these pieces early in the meal.
I spent the night down in the greenhouse, mostly so I could drink alone, as I often do on Wednesdays.

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