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   first pretty good post-covid day
Wednesday, May 11 2022
I woke up in the greenhouse drenched in my own sweat as I have been several times in the past few days. But the drenching wasn't quite as comprehensive. It wasn't much after 6:00am when I made it up to the house and began my workday.
This covid infection has provided a great opportunity for me to completely wean myself from caffeine. Gretchen had brought me some strong black tea when I was bedridden in the greenhouse on Saturday, and I'd drunk it sparingly: a few sips on Saturday, a little less on Sunday, and by Tuesday I didn't drink any at all. There were some literal headaches from this, but that was all papered over by my profligate use of acetaminophen and ibuprofen. So today when I sat down at my desk in the laboratory, the beverage I drank was herbal tea. Amazingly, drinking several cups of hot herbal tea soon had my sore throat feeling almost normal again. But then when I wasn't drinking tea, the soreness would gradually reassert itself.
I actually had a demonstration to do at the every-third-week Wednesday sprint review, and I wanted my AppStream login system to have the new database credentials tester working. So I buckled down and did intensive code development for about an hour and a half, the kind of work that gives me true professional joy. I managed to implement my database tester with the simplest possible interface: a button that you press and that then changes to show the result of the test. It immediately resets to its original state when any of the components of database credentials are edited.
I had that feature working during my demonstration, but of course it failed when I was trying to show it off, probably because of an old Javascript file stuck in the cache.
It was an indication of how much better I am doing covid-wise that I was able to work so happily and for so long sitting at my desk, that is, not lying on my back in the greenhouse.
At lunchtime, I finally had the energy to transplant my cannabis seedlings into proper pots. They'd gotten a little bigger than I would've preferred, but there was no way I could've dealt with them this weekend, which would've been the ideal time.
At today's every-third-week sprint review, the guy who usually leads that (the scrum master, who is from Cameroon but works remotely from Yonkers) had his camera on. So I jokingly turned mine on so people so see me in my chaotic laboratory in all my covidy glory. This led to to two of the others to turn theirs on as well, which is very much not normal in the culture of the company. It gave everything a relaxed, casual feel and reminded me a bit of happy hour with the Mercy For Animals diaspora. [REDACTED]
Meanwhile, a relay seemed to have failed in the electromechanical part of the solar controller, forcing me to hot wire things to get hydronic fluid to circulate. Relays can't be expected to last forever and the one I'd been using was salvaged from somewhere and had been in continual use since 2006.
The hot water I collected made it possible to take a bath as hot as I wanted, though, it having been something of a hot day, I didn't want it all that hot.
I went to bed early down in the greenhouse, helped along by 150 mg of diphenhydramine. It kicked in so fast that I had to abandon the beer I'd intended to drink. I would end up finishing it when I woke up the next day.

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