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Monday, May 16 2022

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, NY

I'd slept in the greenhouse again last night, which meant daylight had me up well before 7:00am. Something was a little bit wrong with my body today, probably a returning wave of fatigue from my recent covid infection (which is infamous for revisiting the afflicted amid periods of seeming complete recovery). I kept wanting to lie down, usually on the laboratory bean bag. Though a an occasional rest like that was enough to get me going again, it's not normal for me to crave them so much, not even on a Monday. For me, though, this wasn't too bad. [REDACTED]
At the end of the day, the other developers and I had a long meeting about the process of creating a branch off an old semi-legacy application and getting the code to compile in Visual Studio. The second part of this, the getting it to compile, was much harder than anyone expected. At 5:00pm, I was still getting over 100 compilation errors, so we wrapped it up for the day. I immediately took a much-desired bath. Meanwhile outdoors, a powerful thunderstorm featuring unusually dark clouds and even hail (though not here) was winding down.
Powerful made dinner tonight, though it was a dreary combination of fried vegetables and rice. There were also, however, faux chicken nuggets, and he'd also fried up plantain chips from fresh plantains, and that part of the meal was great.
I went to bed early, sleeping in the upstairs bedroom for the first time in a week and a half.

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