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   garden started, 2022
Thursday, May 19 2022
As I've mentioned, I have a need to somehow get the decommissioned heat-pump-based hot water heater out of the basement. To that end, I built an elaborate box that could fit over a stair step to make it level with the next one up, hoping I could use it to get the tank out of the basement one step at a time. But today I realized that this would be too dangerous of an operation. If that tank got away from me and started bounding down the stairs, there's no telling what damage and mayhem it could cause. So today I mapped out a way to take it out of the sliding doors of the basement guest room and roll it on a handtruck to the road, where I could pick it up with a vehicle. There would be a few tricky obstacles along the way, such as number of short steep slopes and a guardrail to get over. But it seemed easier than getting it up a flight of stairs, particularly if I was doing it all by myself (which is, given the reliability and unpredictability of other humans, the only scenario I can plan around). I decided it would be easiest to wrangle the heater over rough and rocky ground if I didn't have to worry about light impacts. So I used a plastic ruler into which I drilled two holes 11 inches apart so I could use it as a compass to draw a 22-inch-wide circle on a 3/8 inch piece of plywood, which I then cut out with a jig saw. Next I used E6000 glue to attach that disk to the bottom of the heater. While that dried in the basement guest room, I took a nice bath upstairs. There was a power outage while I was in there, but it ended before my bath did.
Meanwhile Gretchen continues to be experiencing a laggy covid recovery. She's lost her sense of smell, which is ruining one of her main pleasures in life: eating delicious food. Though she spends a lot of time in bed, she manages to a few things here and there. Today she drove down to Accord to pick up some garden plants she'd bought from the Hudson Valley Seed Company. Later I buried the contents of one of our compost bins in one of our raised beds and then, after my bath, I planted all the plants Gretchen had bought today. This was heavy on the tomatoes and brassicas, and, for the first time, celery and chives. Plants I will have to get elsewhere include peppers and some herbs.

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