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Tuesday, May 10 2022
It was another beautiful day in May in the mid Hudson Valley, and I awoke to being about as sick as I was yesterday and drenched in sweat. I decided not to take the day off of work just to avoid getting too far behind during the planning part of our scrum cadence. As sick as I might be, I can still join a Teams audio conference, though the moment I spoke up and the others heard my froggy covid-frayed voice, they chuckled and said I sounded like an old man.
Despite the sludge of covid, which was still telling me just to lie in bed, I was able to periodically rally and event sit at my deskt to work on genuine workplace work, such as the building of a database connection credential tester into my AppStream login project. Afte awhile, though, I would feel drained and need to return to the greenhouse, where I would attempt to continue working with the laptop balanced on my belly. This was possible, but not especially pleasant.
At noon, I drove myself (and the dogs) into Uptown Kingston to get the covid test that Gretchen had tried to get for me yesterday. This time everything went great, and it was I who was the one swabbing my nostrils like someone at the tail end of a respiratory pandemic. On the drive home, I stopped at the CVS on Washington Avenue to pick up a Paxlovid prescription for Gretchen. Paxlovid is an experimental anti-viral for treating covid that Gretchen's doctor had prescribed for her after a video consultation. Apparently, it is underwritten entirely by the US Government and costs nothing. Chalk one up for socialism!
Gretchen said she was feeling better and didn't see any reason to actually take the Paxlovid. Since I am currently the sickest covid patient in the house, she said I was free to take it. Anything that might reduce my suffering from covid was worth trying, so I immediately started the Paxlovid course, which consists of three pills taken twice a day for five days (that comes to thirty fairly large pills).
Gretchen was slightly concerned about the possibility of something bad happening to me from taking the Paxlovid without first having obtained a prescription (that might change the way liability would work). So this afternoon she scheduled me my own video consultation with one of the health care providers at Hurley Family Medicine. She was a kind woman, but she kind of hurried me through without me getting a chance to mention all my symptoms. But she wrote me a Paxlovid prescription, which Powerful (the least-sick person in our household) picked up for me this evening.
This evening after work, I took a series of naps, at least one of which ended abruptly with a swallow; apparently the sore-throat pain from that was not something I could sleep through. Interestingly, this pain was wrapped up in the symbology of a dream I was having at the time in a way that implied it was bigger and more significant, but of course I immediately lost all sense of that significance after I was awake.

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