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   a perfect day in May
Wednesday, May 25 2022
At noon I drove into Uptown, this time mostly to get some plumbing bits I'd neglected to get at Lowes yesterday. I particularly needed 90 degree pex crimp fittings, though I also got a few other things. While I was out, I also visited the Washington Avenue CVS to get a 96-count box of generic pseudoephedrine. To get that, I had to wait nearly 20 minutes in a queue. It made me feel a little better about my fellow humans that nearly everyone in line with me was wearing a mask.
By this point it was a nearly-perfect day, with cloudless skies and a temperature (according to the dashboard of the Forester) of 72 degrees Fahrenheit. I was also drinking kratom tea, which always makes things seem a little better than they actually are.
This afternoon, Jason, my old colleague from the Red Hook office, called me on Teams to say that Jon is out of commission due to covid and that he and a new hire named Josh were having to do the builds, even though neither had experience using my Taxinator tool. So I walked them through the whole process as they built Rhinebeck's taxes. Fortunately, it was a perfect build.
At 5:00pm, I began making a spaghetti dinner with two kinds of spaghetti (one gluten-free made with rice and bean flour, and the other conventional semolina pasta), which I cooked with broccoli. I also made a pan of chonkiness containing tempeh, mushrooms, and onions. When Gretchen came home, she could tell that I was already a little drunk, and she kept asking me what I was on. I never gave her a direct answer.

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