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Sunday, January 5 2014
After Sunday morning coffee, Gretchen and I met our friend E & S at a new Indian restaurant on Albany Avenue close to La Florentina. (On the way we stopped at Petsmart for cat food and a possible doggy jacket for Ramona, but they were sold out of nearly everything that didn't have a Gangnam Style theme.) The new place is called India Garden and for some reason it also serves Thai food (indeed, the Maître d' looked more Thai than Indian). There was a buffet which was acceptable to everyone but Gretchen, who ordered from the menu. She ordered the Tandoori cauliflower, which came out on a flamboyantly-sizzling skillet. I never liked Tandoori chicken back when I ate meat and wasn't surprised when Gretchen was disappointed with it. I also think the pakoras contained egg, cheese, or both, and not in a way that made me want to discontinue being vegan. Overall, though, the buffet food was good. So now we have another convenient local Indian food option.
E & S have been having trouble with their weekend place in Woodstock again, this time a result of the extreme cold. The pipe connecting their well to the rest of their plumbing has frozen somewhere underground beneath their house, a problem that seems difficult to solve by any means other than waiting it out. When something similar happened to our well back in the winter of 2004, we hired a well guy who came out and managed to thaw it open by detaching the well pump from inside the casing and then spraying hot water up the pipe, a procedure that cost us $400 and led me to insulate the dorsal surface of that pipe in the spring of 2005.

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