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Monday, January 20 2014

location: rural Hurley Township, Ulster County, New York

This morning when I walked the dogs, I went up the farm road and over to the abandoned go-cart tracks. Along the way (both at the buildings of the farm itself and at the go-cart tracks) I looked for Walter's (the missing cat's) tracks in the snow. There weren't any, but I did see the tracks of people from Project Cat who had been looking for him. They didn't know about the go-cart track so they hadn't looked there, but they'd evidently walked the entire length of the farm road on their own. That's dedication. If there's something cat-related and it requires a lot of human effort, you can't do better than Project Cat.
Later three or four Project Cat people showed up at the house to search the neighborhood. I invited one of them in to search the house, which she proceeded to do. She seemed suspicious that the dogs (particularly Ramona) had caused Walter to flee, but if anyone in this house made Walter uncomfortable I know that it had to be Julius (aka "Stripey"), a cat who never shows up whenever people are going through your house room by room as if looking for a meth lab. Clarence, on the other hand, loves to accompany such tours. This ongoing relationship with Project Cat doesn't feel as proctological for him as it does for me.

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