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   January 2014

01: under a shimmering layer - Not much of a sudafed buzz.
02: Kiera resurfaces - Instead of being eaten by a coyote, she moved into a plastic igloo across the street.
03: just below 70 - As warm as I can make it in the living room when it is no more than 13 degrees Fahrenheit outside.
04: vomit contagion - Also, a karaoke party in Willow.
05: another Indian option with Thai - Near La Florentina on Ulster Avenue. We didn't try the Thai option.
06: valerian - A polar vortex approaches and I take 1880 mg of valerian root.
07: frankenphones - Merging earmuffs and a broken MP3 playing headphones into one unit.
08: Uncle Walter - We get a new cat from a shelter in Accord.
09: domestic dog fight - Eleanor attacks Ramona over a piece of leather she doesn't even want.
10: social calendar not empty - Visitors cancel a trip upstate, but there was also a dinner party scheduled.
11: once you have shell access - CPanel and WHM suck.
12: moonrise at the abandoned hotel - A dusk dog walk with friends.
13: Darla scare - She makes me think she was eaten by a Coyote. And then she gets a hold poked into the skin on her head.
14: any creature larger than a fist - Walter vanishes.
15: dinosaur horse - Mixed luck making crude wire sculptures.
16: wire humanoid - At least I got off my lazy ass and made art.
17: De Beers and Gold Rush - Is this reality show being secretly sponsored by the diamond cartel?
18: Shakespearean adderall - Smuggling vodka into a show on Broadway.
19: my own personal classic rock - At least there is pop, until I get tired of Rihanna singing about monsters.
20: as if looking for a meth lab - More visitors from Project Cat.
21: polar vortex returns - And flaws with the burning of Black Locust.
22: typing glove weather - Also, watching a preteen rap while I'm on pseuodephedrine.
23: ash data point two - This time it 20.5 pounds of ashes in 33 days.
24: Ramona and the greenhouse - On sunny days, it's a tropical paradise for about two hours.
25: Youtube-inflicted internet nostalgia - Watching the classic Guided by Voices lineup covering their classic songs in 2011.
26: wine under the table - Cheap bottomless wine at an Indian restaurant. I hope the state liquor control board doesn't crack down.
27: shitting in the winter woods with dogs - What to do when large rocks are frozen solid to the ground.
28: chromatic illumination jellyfish - Also, a bit too much social and doggy chaos at a dinner party we hosted for friends.
29: dognado begins - Launching into a week of dogsitting a demon spawn.
30: on the thick-pile shag carpet - More troubles with dog poop.
31: jackhammer's first use - After two months, the water in the greenhouse has fallen to a level low enough to permit me to use my Christmas toy.