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   jackhammer's first use
Friday, January 31 2014
Down in the greenhouse basement, I saw that the flood waters in the bedrock excavation had dropped to about six inches. This was shallow enough for me to hook up my Christmas jackhammer (which I'd not yet powered up) to see what it could do. It turned out that jackhammering beneath six inches of water was a great way to suppress dust and stone shrapnel. Instead of having to deal with that, I saw the water filling with smokelike clouds of grey sediment. Meanwhile the tip of the chisel was being pounded down into the rock as much as an inch, opening up cracks in it that I can exploit later after the water falls further. I ran a little waterfall pump (the one that can bail about a gallon per minute) and managed to get rid of nearly all the water, but what remained was so cold (it's late January, after all) that there was no removing any more than a trivial amount of the broken rock beneath it.

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