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Saturday, January 11 2014
Somehow I managed to get a lot of stuff done today despite my procrastinatory inclinations. There was a website that need to be deployed live, and I always feel like I'm all thumbs when I'm dealing with the web page that controls a virtual private server. CPanel, WHM, it all amounts to dozens and dozens of poorly-organized links, none of them to tasks that I want to be doing. The thing I wanted was shell access, where eveything is theoretically possible, but of course I had to make a phone call to get that. Once you have shell access, everything really is easy, though of course I also had to deal with the limitations of DSL near the limits of where DSL can go.
Meanwhile, the weather took a massive change for the warmer. Temperatures today topped out at around 50 degrees Fahrenheit and there was plenty of rain in the morning. The flooding was photogenic, and though I carried a camera around briefly, I never actually took any pictures. When I went to the mailbox to check the mail, I found it had been filled with the mail of our across-the-road neighbors, the people living in "that 70s house" whom I refer to as "the Fussies" no matter who they actually happen to be at the time (we're currently on our third set of Fussies; that house has the only real turnover in our neighborhood).

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