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Wednesday, January 22 2014
Further south there was snow (as much as a foot in New York City), though none at all fell up here, so there was no driveway to shovel out before my Lightroom plugin client arrived for our weekly meeting. The brutal cold continues, of course, and today I had to resort to my USB-heated typing gloves when sitting at my computer (the actual USB heating part of them wasn't necessary; it has to be awefully cold to justify the inconvenience of being plugged into a USB port).
Somehow today I stumbled upon the phenomenon of preteens making highly-produced covers of adult pop songs. There may only be one preteen doing this, a young man named MattyBRaps (and it turns out he has the same vocal coach as Justin Bieber, who rose to fame via a similar, if lower budget, path). It's hard to watch his videos without being both fascinated and repulsed by the wanton inauthenticity. Here he is doing Eminem's "The Monster," doing his best impression of a good-natured white hip hopster. Knowing that he's probably an evangelical Christian who lives in a McMansion in an impersonal southern exurb makes it impossible to watch all the way through. And it's nice that they found a suitably light-skinned preteen girl to play the role of Rihanna.

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