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Wednesday, June 10 2020
It was hot beginning in the morning. Normally I run my fan to keep cool in the laboratory, but that makes a lot of wind on my headphones when I'm on a videocall (today we had our weekly one with the Ukranian outsourcing team). So I ran the laboratory's split as an air conditioner to achieve the necessary comfort, the first time I'd ever used any of our splits to cool. It worked okay, though it took longer than expected to bring the room's temperature down to one I considered comfortable.

Both dogs stayed in bed well into the afternoon, and Neville seemed miserable, though it was hard to say why. His puncture wound had been fairly shallow, and his front declaw, though a mess (with torn skin and a split nail) represented a trivial part of his anatomy. This evening I got him to go outside to piss, but he wouldn't walk as far as the Farm Road. And Ramona was so slow in getting to the Farm Road that we were joined by Diane the Cat. When it was clear Neville wasn't coming, I terminated the walk completely.

A shooter opened fire down at the bus turnaround, and I decided to drive down there to get photographs of the shooters' license plates. They'd only been shooting about ten minutes as I approached the bus turnaround, and already they were leaving. This suggested that perhaps they were trying to get their shooting in before being inevitably megaphoned. I still wanted to get a photo of their license plate, but there was a very slow vehicle between me and departing shooters. So on lower Dug Hill Road I was forced to bust an action thriller move around the slow car, something nobody really expects from a Prius. And then I rapidly closed the distance between me and the shooter's car, a red sporty-but-somewhat-decrepit Honda Civic (with spoiler). I have to imagine the driver of that car noticed me taking pictures with a large camera after coming up on them rapidly from behind. Once I had what I needed, I busted a U-turn and immediately drove back home.
I made a lot of progress on my 8 X 8 X 8 light cube today, finishing the first 8 X 8 sheet in the morning and the second at the end of my workday. With two sheets operational, I was already able to get a sense of the pre-programmed three-dimensional animations.

Dinner out on the east deck this evening consisted of an Eastern European stew containing potatoes, white beans, and various vegetables, all served with rice. The only thing that seemed Eastern European about it was its blandness, easily corrected with chipotle hot sauce. Gretchen didn't think that was in keeping with the spirit of the food, but she's long since given up on arguing with me about my profligate use of hot sauce.

The car belonging to today's shooter, as tailed on Hurley Mountain Road.

Ramona and Diane on the Farm Road during our aborted walk. Click to enlarge.

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