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   Delphi procedures and pasta stew
Tuesday, June 30 2020
I've been trying to power through some dull feature documentation I've been writing. I was documenting something that had never been documented, and to know what I was talking about, I was forced to look at musty old Delphi code. Delphi is a flavor of Pascal, a programming language I've used in an entirely academic context. The most vexing question of the day was: how is a dBase table name being determined? Following a maze of functions and procedures, I eventually found the answer: Delphi procedures can be used to change passed-in parameters, because apparently they can be passed-in by reference.
To help provide me the mental focus to puzzle all this out, this afternoon I made myself a rare weekday french press of coffee. But combined with the leftover cherry tart I ate as lunch, this left me feeling kind of sick by mid afternoon. Fortunately, I recovered fairly quickly.
Powerful's 41st birthday would be tomorrow and we'd be having people come over for some outdoor socially-distanced socializing. So while Gretchen was doing the prep work for two lasagnas, I used the brand-new battery-powered Kobalt lawnmower to mow the lawn. It's heavier than our old 120v lawnmower and I had its blade setting primed to make the shortest cut, so it was little hard to push around the lawn. Meanwhile Powerful had cooked us up a dinner of hearty fusilli pasta stew (with faux sausage). It was like pasta with red sauce, though the sauce was a little soupier and there was more of it.

Later I used the weed whacker and hedge clipper to tidy up the walkway from the driveway to the front door, which had become something of a jungle.
This evening I busted out my paints for the first time in over a month and painted a tiny two inch by four inch painting as a gift for Powerful. It was on a menacing black bear rising up out of the foliage against a clear blue sky.

Today's bear painting.

Double flip version.

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