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Sunday, June 14 2020
Powerful tagged along with Gretchen when she drove to Woodstock today for her shift at the bookstore (now in pandemic phase II, allowing a limited number of masked customers in the store). He, of course, wandered all over Woodstock while there. For him, it was better than spending the day on Hurley Moutain. This reminded me of days in my teenage years when I would play hooky from school (something my parents permitted, since I didn't do it very often) to ride into Staunton with my mother when she'd be spending the day teaching at Virginia School for the Deaf and Blind. I'd spend most of the day at the Staunton Public Library or shopping with my meager savings some place on Beverley Street.

I needed some cash, so this afternoon I drove to the cash machine at the Hurley branch of the Mid Hudson Valley Credit Union. The only one available for use during the pandemic is the one in the drive-thru. Next I went to Lowes to get wire to restore the virtual dog fence (should things come to that). Everyone in the Lowes had masks, and about 90% of them were being worn properly. There were a few employees with their masks down around their necks, and I saw a couple customers with unmasked noses. I like that someone added a little boot hook to the bottom of the Lowes men's room door so that you can open it without touching anything with your hands.

I built a fourth (of eight) layer for my LED light cube today, hoping that having an even number of layers would remove whatever electrical imbalance was causing a stack of LEDs to illuminate even when their cathode was off. Unfortunately, the problem persisted. Since the problem can't be coming from a short in the digital control circuitry, I suspect there is some sort of unfortunate leakage in the LEDs themselves.

Instead of going through the bother of setting up a virtual dog fence, tonight I simply locked the pet door to keep Ramona and Neville from going out at night. (Most of the cats know how to open the pet door when it is in one-way mode, allowing to still come and go as they want.)

The garden the way it was looking today. Click to enlarge.

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