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   bullfrog in the pinecones
Thursday, June 25 2020
This morning when I went out to take my morning piss on the south side of the dog house, I noticed an enormous bullfrog sitting near the top of the mound of pinecones atop the grave of Sally the Dog. The volume of pinecones atop that grave is now about a third of a cubic yard, and I've wondered what sort of habitat it provides. Evidently it retains moisture sufficiently to house at least one large frog, even during a time (such as now) of drought.
I went into the greenhouse basement today to water the few plants down there (something I try to do every few weeks). Due to the drought, the well of the sub-basement contained only about two and a half feet of frigid water, meaning I could finally wade into it to retrieve some pieces of tile I'd placed in there to soak well over a year ago. This was tile from the old kitchen's backsplash, which was stuck to pieces of drywall. The drywall had all dissolved away, leaving tile, thin-set compound, and a trace of backing paper.
Late this morning I drove Powerful to a brief appointment at the eye-doctor. While that was happening, I made a quick run to Herzog's to get some cable clamps and eye-bolts. I also re-upped my liquor supply (with a half gallon of cheap rum and a litre of cheap scotch) at J K's Wine & Liquor, where the policy is "No Mask, No Service." I don't know what the crazies from Palm Beach, Florida would do when confronted with such a sign.

The bullfrog in the pinecones atop the grave of Sally the Dog.

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