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Tuesday, June 23 2020
Gretchen got a little agro today about me and Powerful bothering her while she tried to work on her poetry at her first floor desktop computer, her only computer with a keyboard. While I was showing her my latest hummingbird clip, she quickly called a "family meeting" to emphasize that whenever she appeared to be busy at her computer, she was to be left alone.

In the late afternoon, I made myself a bath. But at the time conditions were hot and gummy, so I the bath I ran was mildly cool. I could then run hot water in to warm it up or cold water to make it cool again, proving to myself that it's possible to take a comfortable bath no matter what the weather is like.

Later this evening Gretchen took the dogs to visit Kate at her new(ish) place on the Hudson somewhere just south of Bard College. She came back amazed that it was like Kate's own private Poet's Walk. Meanwhile Powerful had been making red pasta sauce containing faux ground-beef, a pot of fusilli pasta, a side of bok choy, and another side of fried plantains. When it comes to the kitchen, Powerful is like an extreme version of Gretchen: he loves to eat and loves to make food. When he was in prison, these tendencies served him well, because people would give them their commissary food with confidence that he would cook them something delicious, of which he was always entitled to a portion.

Late in the afternoon yesterday I'd managed to dial-in a perfect focus on my hummingbird spybot. Today at some point, when the sun was perfect, I managed to capture a number of great clips of hummingbirds. This was perhaps my best one.

A still of the male from the video.

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