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Tuesday, June 16 2020
I always grow sunflowers along the north edge of the main garden plot, but this year I had trouble growing them from seeds. So I started some seeds in a couple cans, managing to get five to sprout. Some days ago, I planted these in the line where I always plant the sunflowers. Then two nights ago some creature (a rabbit?) chewed off one of the sprouts without eating it. And last night, a similart thing happened to another, leaving only three. This was infuriating! So I planted some seeds in the soil where the destroyed sunflower seedlings had been and then made makeshift cages around the three remaining seedlings. The core cage was a steel milk carton, to which I added various panels from some sort of wire shelving unit I'd bought months ago at the Tibetan Center Thrift Store.


This evening Powerful and Gretchen took the dogs for a walk with Sarah the Vegan at the Sojourner Truth/Ulster Landing Park. Somehow (probably because they were with Sarah) they managed to get lost, but not too badly (perhaps because nobody can get too lost when they have a smartphone). On the drive back home, Gretchen phoned me multiple times until I answered (I was napping), asking me to make dinner. So I busted out a couple Vegan Harvest pizzas and cooked up a bunch of toppings (mushrooms, onions, red bell peppers, faux bacon, and sliced-up baby tomatoes). Gretchen saw those peppers (which she doesn't much like) and requested that I only put the tomatoes on her one slice, which she augmented with a frozen tamales (or similar).

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