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   shooter with a baby
Thursday, June 11 2020
There was a heavy rain last night, and enough fell to fill all the rain barrels. For once I wouldn't need to be watering the garden.

Gretchen actually talked to a shooter down at the bus turnaround, someone who had brought a baby along with guns. Gretchen was nice and the shooter was nice, and she gently explained that, though it's not obvious, people do live nearby. Those people include children, the elderly, and the sick, and they find the shooting disturbing. The shooter apparently didn't have the heart to do much shooting after that, and I never actually heard any gunfire.
This evening, Nancny and Ray came over for a socially-distanced dinner party out on the east deck. Gretchen and Powerful had made a meal of chocolate-mole chili with cornbread and rice, and there was also a large salad. Ray was drinking Miller beers out of weird aluminum bottles that looked like some sort of fireworks.

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