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Saturday, June 13 2020
It was a bit cool this morning, but the sun was so bright in the cloudless sky that I wanted to be out in it. Gretchen initially interpreted this as meaning that we should have our Saturday morning coffee out on the east deck, but it was shady out there, and in the shade it was too cold unless one wore a jacket. So the three of us ended up doing Saturday morning coffee out in the front yard. The near-solstice sun was too hot to endure for long, while it remained too cold in the shade. So we'd either go back and forth between them or find a place of partial shade. We had the large pad of paper set up leaning against the garden fork with today's New York Times Spelling Bee. Powerful had seen the panagram immediately: "mixology." With the "L" in the middle (and thus required in every word), there weren't a whole lot of words to find.
Later I put some effort into my 8 X 8 X 8 lightcube, eventually building its third (of eight) two-dimensional layer. By then, though, I was feeling weak and dysphoric from some bad combination of hangover, kratom tea, and low blood sugar. So I took a nice long hot bath in the upstairs tub.
Later, after adding the third layer to my cube, I was alarmed to see that a line of LEDs was now far-outshining the others as the pre-built pattern cycled through. Interestingly, the line of of LEDs kept doing this even after I'd unplugged the common cathode for that layer. I can't imagine how this could be happening; evidently electricity was sneaking around LEDs in other layer to supply this one with power. I'd seen something similar happening when I'd only had one layer, suggesting that this might be a side effect of having an odd number of layers.
Meanwhile, Powerful had been bored and wanted to go with one of us somewhere. Unfortunately for him, neither of us had plans to leave the house. So he called various people he knows locally, eventually convincing a woman named Kristin to come pick him up. They hung out in Woodstock and had lunch at the Garden Café, whose outdoor garden area is now open with table service. About an hour after returning home, Powerful made spagetti with meatballs and a huge salad while I napped and Gretchen read. There'd been a fair amount of shooting at the bus turnaround, though I hadn't had the energy to do anything about it, and neither had Gretchen.
A little after 2:00am, I woke up from diphenhydramine-enabled slumber to hear the dogs go out through the pet door. A few minutes later I got up and walked to where I suspected they were: behind our baldheaded neighbor's house. Sure enough, they were both in the woods back there. And Ramaona was so surprised by my appearance that she started barking at me in that menacing manner the baldheaded neighhor had described. This made me realize that I will probably have to install a virtual fence if I want to break Ramona's habit. (I don't blame Neville; he wants to do whatever Ramona is doing.)

Neville and Ramona with Gretchen in the front yard this morning. Note the bear injury on Ramona's back. I'd done a shitty job of gluing it back together with superglue. So today Gretchen and I removed a bunch of hair, doused it with hydrogen peroxide, and then, after it dried, Gretchen did a much better gluing job than I had done.

Detail of the injury on Ramona's back. This was before we cleaned it up and reglued it.

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