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Monday, June 15 2020
Today was the day of the surprise Supreme Court decision affirming the right of gay and even transexual people not to be discriminated against. Nobody expected a 6-to-3 decision, and nobody expected Trump's first justice pick, Neil Gorsuch, to rule in favor of the gays. He claimed to be a hard-core textualist, caring only about the text of the law and not what anybody is thought to have been thinking at the time a law was drafted, which the religious right always understood to mean that he would vote their way. But, pained though it might've made him, in this case it forced him to concluded that the 1964 Civil Rights Act forbids not just discrimation based on race and gender, but sexual preference and identity as well, since those two are also outgrowths of gender discrimination. Given that he was a Donald Trump Supreme Court appointee, Gorsuch is probably not a very good human being. But you have to give him credit here for being true to his judicial philosophy (arbitrary and inane as it is), wherever it might lead. (Other so-called "textualists" like Alito, Thomas, and Kavanaugh hate the gays too much to have followed Gorsuch down this path.)

This evening Poweful made a two-course dinner featured cooked cabbage with beans and corn and some sort of tofu scramble with mushrooms. It wasn't terrible, but it was very weird. Later it was revealed that Powerful had confuse ounces with grams when weighing ingredients, which threw off the balance of many of the ingredients.

Since injuring a couple of his claws during the bear incident some days ago, Neville has not been going with Gretchen and Neville on their morning walk. This evening, though, he came along on a rare walk down the Farm Road involving all three humans in the house and Neville. He'd taken a rimadyl, and really seemed to be enjoying himself as he ran alongside Ramona in pursuit of various sounds and smells as they cropped up.
Back at the house, the evening was cool enough for me to want to take a nice hot bath.

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