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Sunday, December 3 2023
It was a rainy day but not very cold. Indeed, by this evening it was genuinely balmy.

Gretchen came up positive when she took a covid test this morning, which wasn't much of a surprise. She'd been doing a lot of coughing, and later today she noticed she'd lost her sense of smell. But otherwise she wasn't too bad off. She never developed a sore throat, which (for me) was the worst symptom of my recent covid experience.
Still, it seemed best if Gretchen stay home today. This meant I had to go to Sweet Maresa's to get those cranberry cream cheese croissants Gretchen had special-ordered for delivery there today yesterday when we were in Poughkeepsie.
While I was out doing that, I also when to the Ghettoford Hannford in Uptown Kingston to get some provisions Gretchen specifically asked for as well as staples she frequently neglects to buy. I ended up spending $150 (on my unemployment cash card) on things like Ben & Jerrys vegan icre cream, corn chips, vegetables, an intriguing six pack of strong Belgian beer ("Victory Golden Monkey"), corn chips, beans, gelcaps containing dextramethorphan and guaifenesin (for Gretchen), fungus-fighting liquid for my toenails, three boxes of 100-count Hannaford-brand black tea, and three flavors of canned vegetable soup. Sometimes when Gretchen gets sick, she craves Campbell's vegetarian vegetable soup, the kind that comes condensed that you have to add water to. When she asked for it today, I said, "That's not vegan, is it?" and she'd replied, "It's vegan enough!" It turns out it contains traces of egg and milk. But I bought three cans of it anyway.

I spent much of today watching YouTube videos while trying to figure out a text analysis library for PHP called yooper/php-text-analysis. I'm hoping to use it to intelligently look for legally-significant words in text, though it's such a sprawling libary that it will likely take me some time to understand it well enough to implement it.

Whoever owns the building across Wynkoop from the Hurley Mountain Inn in Old Hurley is tearing the building apart. It looks like they might be keeping some of the roof. This building has, through the years, housed a State Trooper Barracks (before our time), a seller of medical supplies (some of which I dumpster dived), a Curves, a truck driving school, a taxidermy shop, and (very briefly) an office of the Hudson Valley Seed Library.

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