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Wednesday, December 6 2023
Last night at around dusk, I'd crossed the Farm Road and went up a couple escarpments, found a standing dead chestnut oak, cut it down, and bucked it into pieces. Today I returned with my backpack and brought a nice heavy load of that wood back home with me. For chestnut oak, it proved surprisingly difficult to split (and splitting doesn't always feel so great on whatever is wrong with my left shoulder). But the weather has turned cold, and I don't like burning wood without replenishing it. There had been a light snow this morning, though fortunately it didn't make conditions particularly wet.

Meanwhile, Charlotte continues to occasionally piss on the naked floor boards in the living room. Last night put up the kind of wooden collapsible gates designed to keep toddlers from going into places where they will kill themeselves. She put them on either side of the couch to completely block access to the living room. The results so far have been good (Charlotte hasn't pissed in the smaller habitat she has access to when the gates are up). But I have other training to try on her, including the installation of a urine-triggered buzzer inside the dog beds she likes to piss into. Such buzzers are part of the reason I eventually stopped bed wetting at the age of nine or ten. (Part of my incentive to stop bed wetting was that I would get to have the piss-triggered buzzer to do what I wanted with it once I'd stopped wetting the bed.)

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