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   my facial hair never reaches a point where its further growth makes it more comfortable
Monday, December 4 2023
Though I'd largely recovered from my recent bout of covid, today didn't feel like I was 100% healthy. At some point this afternoon I lay down in the laboratory bean bag and fell asleep with Oscar lying on my chest, and that was exactly what I needed. (Usually Oscar had trouble figuring out that he needs to lie down and not poke me with his four paws, but not this time.) Later I took a nice hot bath, the first in nearly a week. My facial hair had grown out wildly since I'd last shaved it (back on Portugal) and I really needed to do something about it. I've never let my facial hair grow out enough that it reaches a length where it starts feeling incrementally less uncomfortable as it grows, but perhaps that just doesn't happen with the hairs my particular face produces. (I've been led to believe that overcoming an uncomfortable, awkward phase is essential for growing a beard that feels comfortable. But perhaps this is mere propaganda and all beards feel scratchy and unpleasant to the people who grow them, deliberately or otherwise.)

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