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   a cluster of physical miseries
Saturday, December 9 2023
I might've drunk a little too much last night because I awoke today with about the mildest hangover I can sense. Its main effect was to put a thin haze of misery over my day. I say thin, because it was about as unmiserable as a detectable hangover can get. But it was definitely there. It also affected my mind. I couldn't, for example, come up with the panagram for today's Spelling Bee even after Gretchen gave me the first two letters (it was "etymology"). The main effect was to draw my attention to my physical problems. There's the issue with my left shoulder, though that actually seems to be getting better now that I've stopped trying to do stretching exercises. But I can feel a dull thrum of pain in it, sometimes even when it's relaxed and unstressed. (Though I know from experience that pain is highly subjective, and sometimes it can be hard to shake once I've decided I have it.) In addition to that, though, I have a number of issues in my mouth. My top left wisdom tooth crumbled back to a stump a couple months ago, and now when I bite on that side I feel a mild twinge. And my top right wisdom tooth, which once had a proper crown, has worn a crumbling temporary crown for years that disintegrated completely this evening when I blasted it with a waterpik, washing a hard toothlike plug from an enormous hole that had been drilled for a root canal. I'm a little worried that that tooth's problems might be reaching near my sinuses, because I can now feel a twinge of pain from it when I blow my nose. In addition to those tooth problems, I also suddenly have two sores in my mouth, perhaps the result of an overextended immune system after fighting off covid. One is in my left cheek and the other near my upper left incisors above the inside of my lip.
One way to deal with these miseries was to take a hot bath late this afternoon. Hot water might be the best therapy I can come up with for my troubled left shoulder.

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