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Tuesday, December 12 2023
This morning after I'd awaken and fed the cats, I fell asleep and had a dream where I was living back in my childhood home and attending high school long after I should've graduated. I ended up missing the school bus and then walking, eventually finding myself at a rural coffee shop where they also served some sort of vegetable that was like a mellon that contained nothing except seeds (it was delicious).

Our friend Nancy came over with her dog Jack this morning, and Gretchen and her went for a walk. Jack's presence was enough to get Neville to join the walk, something he normally doesn't do in the morning. After the walk, Charlotte seemed to be delighted by Jack's presence, though soon she was back to baring her teeth and subly nipping at him, as if to say "This is my house, and you are just my guest." I haven't really developed a full sense of how Charlotte approaches new dogs (not that Jack is entirely new) but there seems to be something inheretly pathological going on.
I spent the day trying to figure out how to use Javascript ranges to overlay rectangles on a text presented in HTML to highlight issues. I would've had no idea how to do this, but it was what ChatGPT suggested when I told it what I wanted to do. It had an example that didn't really work, but after much tweaking, I managed to get it to work. (The key to this was removing all HTML from the text and converting it to seven bit ASCII.) I wanted to use this method to highlight text instead of inserting tags into that text, since inserted tags change the text and make the presentation of multiple issues a bit of a mess.

This evening when she got back from the prison after her last class of the semester, Gretchen had a bunch of fun food she'd bought at the store that is (or used to be) called Emmanuel's in Stone Ridge. This included numerous things that cannot be found at any of the Hannafords we frequent. Some of the items she'd bought were the basis of an Asian-style noodle dish that Gretchen then prepared, which we ate while watching Jeopardy!.

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