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Thursday, December 21 2023
I spent the morning and early afternoon at my desk in the laboratory doing all the usual things (such as watching YouTube videos, doing more work on that painting I started yesterday, and playing Spelling Bee). I also worked on the spec project I am building for my old boss Alex, adding a feature to the dictionary word tagger allowing an upper limit of characters to be placed on an ignored span of text bounded by two specified strings.
Early this afternoon, I drove (with both dogs!) out to the Hurley vet to pick up $180 worth of medication for our two dogs (now Charlotte has an ear infection in addition to her itchy, occasionally pimply skin). While I was out, I went Uptown to get another copy of the cabin key at Herzog's and a bottle of Sandeman port at JK's Liquor. (That latter one is as a holiday present for Gretchen).
Back at the house, I took the dogs for their afternoon walk, and this time we ranged farther to the northwest than I usually go, following on of Tommy's bike trails. There are some big glacial erratics back there, though most of them appear to have calved off of nearby sedimentary rock. It was a cold winter solstice, though I was drinking hot kratom tea from a ceramic cup as I walked. Initially this kept the hand that I didn't have in a pocket nice and warm. But later in the walk, I was carrying kindling I'd gathered (it was small dead limbs from the bottom of white pine trees) and my hands got so cold that they started to hurt.

At the end of her workday, Gretchen got us a large vegan pizza from Catskill Mountain Pizza. As usual for such pizzas, half was done to her liking (olives and sundried tomatoes) and half to mine (mushrooms and hot peppers). While we were eating it in the teevee room in front of Jeopardy!, Charlotte came bounding up the stairs and we saw she wasn't putting any weight one of her hind feet. Now she had another medical issue! But such things can happen and it not be a big deal, so I told Gretchen not to stress out about it.

The painting I started yesterday and finished today.

The double-flipped version.

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