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Sunday, December 10 2023
It was a warm day (at least by the standards of late early December) and once it started raining in the late morning, it never stopped. I made a nice fire in the woodstove because we were doing our usual weekend routine in the living room. But it was a wasteful use of firewood.
This afternoon Gretchen met up with Alana to watch the new Beyoncé concert movie while I sat at my computer and used pseudoephedrine to power through the creation of an AJAX-powered dictionary editor for the spec project I have been working on. (Most of the app has been more of a classic non-AJAX web app, but for browsing a dictionary with many thousands of entries, is better to have an AJAX-powered search to narrow down the list.) I tried to make this new functionality as generic as possible so that I could implement it in other places as needed. The whole thing is an experiment in trying to build something that takes advantage of my decades of knowledge without committing to anything I suspect to be "fashionable."
This evening during a period of heavy rain, I heard a dripping sound coming from under the house's northwest valley (which corresponds to the south wall near the west side of the teevee room. There have been leaks in this area before, usually the result of ice damming or debris in the valley diverting water out of the copper flashing and then under the shingles. I put down a can to collect the water and then went outside with a flashlight looking to see if debris was indeed the problem (as it seems to have been with a recent leak at the Downs Street mansion). But it was too dark and my flashlight wasn't the kind that could focus its beam. At some point I stepped in a deep puddle wearing Crocs, and the only saving grace was how non-frigid the water was. If debris wasn't the problem, our issues with the roof might no longer be the kind I can shrug off (as I tend to do).
Our roof is made of shingles and is now nearly 30 years old. Any other responsible homeowner would've replaced it by now, but I've been hoping to kick that can down the road a few years with various bandaid fixes. I'll be getting my own 36 foot extension ladder soon that will hopefully improve my cowboy roofing capabilities a great deal.

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